We specialize in Medical Weight Loss, B12 Shots, and Testosterone Replacement as well as IV Hydration Therapy, Phentermine, Sinus Cocktail, Flu Shot, and Glutathione. In fact, we are the only clinic in the Mid-South with a room dedicated exclusively to IV Hydration including TV, lounge chairs, and refreshments. Researchers claim this is the cutting edge in wellness treatments. We are a no-wait, no-hassle kind of place where the staff is friendly and the service is quick and professional. Come in today to see for yourself!

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  1. Pro Health Wellness Clinic opened about two months ago close to the restaurant in Memphis that I work at. I went in originally to ask about the testosterone replacement because I saw a big sign in their window that talked about it. The experience was smooth, they took my blood and called me the next day with the results. The reason I am posting though is because last week when I was stopping in for my weekly shot, I was totally stopped up with whatever sinus crap is blowing all around Memphis this time of the year. The nurses (who are all friendly) suggested I get a Sinus Cocktail shot…WOW! Those things really work (plus they had Z-Paks to buy right in the clinic). I was totally clear in about 12 hours. My point is that for me being able to stop in somewhere without having to worry about waiting rooms, insurance, or setting appointments is worth its weight in gold.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We try to make sure that our regular patients can get the additional care that we can provide as a full-service wellness clinic. Your experience is a classic example.

    1. I do not know whether Cigna -local plus is one of the insurance companies that reimburse for weight loss treatments. However, we have seen several insurance companies who do and are always happy to assist in that process in any way possible. Its best to come in and we can call together and figure out what the terms would be.

    1. The cost of the appetite suppressants vary based on your weight loss goals and time frame for losing the weight. We have programs that begin at $29 each month to programs that range closer to $75 per month. Your best bet is to swing by our clinic and discuss your weight loss goals with one of our trained Nurse Practitioners who would be happy to direct you into the proper course of action. Feel free to call in as well 901-417-6551.

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