Did you know that one IV bag is equivalent to drinking 2 gallons of water in twenty minutes?  Many parts of the country have already been introduced to the benefits and advantages to IV Infusion therapy.  At Pro Health, we are proud to be the first IV specialists in Memphis to offer a full menu of “drips” for our patrons.  (Plus, we offer a room dedicated exclusively to IV hydration therapy – including TV, reclining chairs, and refreshments for individual or group hydrations.)

Our most popular infusions:

  • Vitamin Infusion
  • Myers Cocktail
  • Hangover Cure
  • Immunity Boosting Infusion
  • Migraine Fighting Infusion
  • High Dose Vitamin C
  • High Dose Glutathione

If you don’t want to choose from our selections, we are happy to customize a bag to fit your specifications and achieve your health goals! Our pricing is the most competitive in Memphis. We are happy to work with any patient in need of IV therapy.  To begin, just make an appointment below or swing in the clinic and our Nurse Practitioner happily assist you!