Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium. In order to build strong, healthy bones, our bodies need to have the right amount of Vitamin D. The human body actually makes Vitamin D when skin is exposed to sunlight giving it the nickname: “The Sunshine Shot.”

Proper levels of Vitamin D are:

  • Essential to weight loss and metabolic function
  • Crucial to improving or preventing the symptoms of osteoporosis
  • Important for alleviating seasonal depression

For many years, medical professionals have recognized how important this vitamin is to improving our health and just how many people out there are actually Vitamin D deficient.
Symptoms of Low Vitamin D include:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Frequent sickness or infection
  • Bone and back pain
  • Depression and loss of interest

Vitamin D can be provided orally or by injection. One drawback to oral administration is that a significant portion of the nutrient is lost during the adsorption process; whereas, with an injection, the patient is assured 100% adsorption. The injections are given monthly after a baseline level is determined by our lab. We suggest at least three months of monthly injections before re-checking levels. Curious if you have low levels of Vitamin D? Just stop in the clinic or make an appointment below!