Pro Health Clinic is now offering Peptide Therapy. Peptides are the latest rage in optimizing health and maximizing performance. These kind of body-enhancing treatments have previously been available only to professional athletes and celebrities due to the difficulty in finding medical providers who understand this evolving field of anti-aging and performance-enhancing medicine. We are excited to announce that we are the first medial clinic in Memphis to offer Peptide Therapy to our patients.

Here are the three peptides we are currently offering:


The Muscle Builder

This peptide increases the level of growth hormone in your body to boost protein synthesis and fuel new growth in lean muscle mass. Other reported benefits include: decrease in body fat, improved sleep quality, increased cognitive function, and quicker recovery times post-workout.

The Fat Burner

Anti-Obesity Drug 9604 is the next generation in weight loss management. This peptide not only stimulates the breakdown and destruction of fat but it also inhibits the transformation of food materials into body fat. By helping to regulate fat metabolism, this peptide can help reduce body fat and trigger fat release in patients who also diet and exercise regularly.

The Body Repairer

Body Protection Compound 157 accelerates the healing of tendon and ligament wounds as well as protects organs and prevents stomach ulcers. Those who suffer from pain and discomfort due to sprains, tears, and joint damage may benefit from treatment with this peptide.

Results are typically seen in 4-6 weeks but really depend on the individual patient’s health profile prior to therapy.