Reclaiming Your Energy & Vitality: The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Testosterone, the hormone produced in the testicles, helps men maintain muscle strength, controls fat distribution, and helps spur facial and body hair growth.

However, As a man ages, his testosterone levels drop by about 1% a year, reducing sex drive and bone density. Some diseases, such as hypogonadism, are also known to lower testosterone levels. These decreasing levels could lead to more serious behavioral symptoms, such as depression, reduced self-confidence, and energy levels.

To help counter these effects, many men have been turning to testosterone replacement therapy. Millions of American men have been prescribed injections or gels to replenish levels of the hormone, which make them feel more energetic and mentally alert.

Here’s everything you need to know about this therapy taking America by storm.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: What You Need to Know  

There are several ways to boost testosterone levels in your body externally. It could either be through:

  • A skin patch that’s worn on the arm once a day.
  • Gels that contain a prescribed dosage of testosterone. Best applied once a day.
  • Mouth patches that can be applied to the upper gum twice a day.
  • Injections administered directly into the muscle or absorbed by soft tissue. These shots can be given once a week or fortnightly.

Testosterone pills are also regularly found on the market but are not generally recommended, as they may put additional pressure on the liver.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy 

Low testosterone levels are known to have a negative effect on a man’s moods — it’s said to cause a loss of libido, dysphoria, fatigue, and irritability, which can all impact the quality of life. According to research, testosterone replacement therapy has been linked with increased brain function and general well-being.

Testosterone is also known to have other effects that can help overall moods. For instance, it helps improve sex drives. Testosterone replacement therapy also helps the body burn fat more effectively and contributes to leaner muscle mass.

All these benefits combined can boost energy levels in aging men, with some reporting that they feel like they are in their 20s and 30s again.

When to Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Doctors usually prescribe TRT to men who have naturally low levels of the hormone or those who suffer from hypogonadism. Levels are usually measured through a blood test.

You should get checked if you’re facing any of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden hair loss
  • Slower hair growth
  • Lower endurance or strength
  • Memory issues
  • Inability to focus
  • Anemia
  • Lower sex drive
  • Chronic fatigue

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These are just some of the symptoms of falling testosterone levels in men. But a conclusive answer can only be given once you take a test.

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