Weight loss solutions at Pro Health: the ins and outs of what we offer

In today’s world, weight loss has and continues to be a hot topic among the health and wellness industry. At Pro Health, we offer many different solutions to help our customers achieve lasting results. Our skilled Nurse Practitioners take a comprehensive approach, combining personal care, guidance and effective treatments to ensure your success. Ready to get started? Here’s a bit more information on what we offer!

Compounded Semaglutide 

We’re sure you have heard all of the buzz about the latest weight loss management method: semaglutide. However, what exactly is it? At Pro Health Clinic, we offer our patients a semaglutide that has been compounded with B12, helping to regulate appetite, further instilling a sense of fullness. In consequence, this allows for a reduced caloric intake, triggering a rapid, yet safe way to lose weight. Our team of Nurse Practitioners will come up with a personalized plan for you and your weight loss goals, helping you achieve them effectively and sustainably.

Tirzepatide injections 

Another weight loss service we offer is tirzepatide injections. These injections are also compounded with B12, making them another fan favorite at Pro Health Clinic. This treatment is great at promoting weight loss, enhancing metabolic health and improving insulin sensitivity. Again, our team of Nurse Practitioners will create a custom injection plan for you, tailored directly to your own requirements. This is another great weight loss option!

Appetite suppressants

If you are not interested in getting started with semaglutide or tirzepatide quite yet, we have some other great solutions for you. To start, many of our patients are successful using a daily suppressant known as Phentermine to not only suppress the appetite, but also help with portion control. We also offer Topamax, which can be combined with Phentermine to further your weight loss goals.

Lipo-Plex injections

Another great weight loss option combines important vitamins, minerals and amino acids – known as the Lipo-Plex injection. When taken in combination with a healthy lifestyle, like exercise and calorie reduction, many patients report an increase in their metabolism, as well as weight loss and an increase in energy – all amazing benefits. The fat burning nutrients include methionine, inositol, choline, B6 and B12.

Start your weight loss journey at a Pro Health Clinic near you today! 

If you are starting your health and wellness journey, or are feeling frustrated and sick of staying stuck where you are, one (or more) of these weight loss options may be the perfect fit for you. Feel free to walk in or book an appointment at any of our Pro Health Clinics located all across the state of Tennessee. We can’t wait to meet you!