Fight Memory Loss and Improve Mood With Vitamin B12 Shots

More people than ever are beginning to understand the value of vitamin supplements. Our sedentary lifestyles combined with improper nutrition have led to several deficiencies that affect our moods and general well-being.

B12 is one of the more popular supplements on the market these days. It’s been touted by celebrities and nutritionists as a wonder supplement that helps enhance recovery, fights memory loss, and improves moods.

Here’s everything you need to know about vitamin B12 shots.

What Is B12?

A water-soluble vitamin, B12 is also commonly known as cobalamin. Found mostly in dairy, meats like chicken and beef, and certain fortified cereals, it plays a vital role in boosting brain function, helps form DNA, and boosts the production of red blood cells.

Since it is water-soluble, our body doesn’t store B12 very efficiently. Without a proper diet plan, this could very easily lead to a deficiency.

Symptoms of B12 Deficiency 

As many as 90% of vegans and vegetarians are believed to be deficient in this essential vitamin. Another consideration is the fact that some individuals don’t absorb B12 that well.

A vitamin B12 deficiency could lead to a host of issues:

  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Weak muscles
  • Blurred vision
  • Increased risk of depression and confusion
  • Memory loss
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Pins and needles

To prevent these symptoms, many health practitioners recommend B12 shots.

Benefits of B12 Shots 

B12 shots are administered to muscles in the arm or buttocks. By injecting it into the body, it more effectively and quickly increases vitamin B12 levels in the blood.

Usually injected about once a month, it is widely available at clinics across the country. But they’re so easy to administer that the injections can even be administered at home.

B12 shots are largely safe. Rare side effects may be caused by allergies or sensitivity.

Here are some benefits you can look forward to:

Better Memory

B12 has been proven to improve brain function in individuals across age groups. In fact, it’s also shown promise in slowing the progression of dementia and improving cognitive function among seniors.

On the flip side, a deficiency of the vitamin has been associated with a decline in brain function. This can lead to the degeneration of neurons, causing the atrophy of gray matter which is crucial for processing information.

Improving Moods

Several studies have linked B12 deficiency with depression. Meanwhile, a 2016 study found that B12 supplements or injectables can synthesize dopamine and serotonin in our bodies. These neurotransmitters are known to improve moods, prevent mood swings, and support the ability to focus. B12 shots have also been linked to better energy levels which can lead to enhanced moods.

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The benefits of B12 shots aren’t limited to better memory and moods. These supplements also improve metabolism, aid weight loss, support skin and hair health, and strengthen the immune system.

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